Throwback: The First week in 3 years 

Earlier this summer, my mom and I went to the Pacific Northwest. It was our first time ever being out that way, and why visit? Well I know they have food, coffee, trees, and mountains: aka Julie’s Haven.

I promised my mom this trip for our birthdays. I turned 21 and she will be turning 50 in August. It was the perfect opportunity to celebrate our milestones and finally spend time together.

This was the first time since high school (so three years) I spent this much uninterrupted time with my mom. And I’ve come to the conclusion she is and will always be “my person.” She is my best friend and to say that about ones mom knows you have an awesome mom.

We explored Portland (and its many food stands, coffee shops, donut and pastry shops). The city was unique in its lack of sky scrapers and larger forest on the outskirts of the city. The thing we enjoyed the most in Oregon was the coast. People say it’s beautiful but really, it’s breathtaking. Packing a picnic and being almost blown away was worth it to spend time with my mom in the gorgeous place.


Things that are must dos in Portland:

1. As soon as you get off the plane go do something: Like go to the Cascade Locks and hike Multnomah Falls


2. Drink coffee (Stumptown), Eat Donuts (Voodoo Donuts or Blue Start Donuts), and get lost in Powell’s Books.

3. Go to Cannon Beach, my favorite beach to date and smell nasty fish and get blown away about the beauty and the wind.


But our quest did not end there! We went north to Seattle, stopping at Mt. St. Helen’s and Mt. Rainier on the way up. The Cascades are absolutely gorgeous and in April, we couldn’t have asked for better weather (it never even rained there!).


The trip up to Seattle was well worth the time. Exploring the mountains for 8 hours in the car was well worth the sight. Neither of us felt tired but just embracing the beauty was enough. Enjoying nature is something my mom and I both love to do. But city life isn’t too bad either.

Seattle was definitely larger than we anticipated. We went up to the Space Needle, explored downtown, went to the Public Market, saw the Gum Alleyway, the Original Starbucks (my mom’s favorite), and to the Starbuck’s Roastery and Tasting Room. A must stop for food is Portage Bay Cafe! We had the most incredible breakfast there and we couldn’t get enough. We wish we had it back home but honestly, all the food was incredible there. We found all sorts of healthy and gluten free options VERY easily which helped us both. We can’t complain at all!

Besides these two cities, I got to share a first with my mom: The First Time to Canada!!! (as well as my mom’s first time out of the country). We drove even more north to Vancouver. My mom first was worried about driving in the car, so I had to do the miles to kilometers conversion as our car didn’t have it as well as the crazy roundabouts. But once we got into the city, we enjoyed home made ice cream at Rain or Shine, met lovely  people on 4th Street and Walked along some of the trails at Stanley Park. It  was the first time in Canada and definitely not the last for either of us. The people were friendly and the city was majestic with all the mountains in the background.


This trip was the first “big” trip of my summer. It was a great way to start the summer as I spent it with my favorite person. We drove almost 1400 miles, saw 3 cities, and had 7 days of together time. We were able to plan things we wanted to do and enjoy each others company for once. It was our first time away from home together and it won’t be our last. 🙂