Finding Firsts Maybe Harder than I Expected…

Actually, finding time for firsts is the harder part. This is why experiencing new things are important and making a valid effort to always seek the “new” even in the old is so important to remember. I haven’t updated on my weekly progress due to the fact I haven’t done “a lot” compared to other weeks. The last three weeks have been busy; I have done a lot of great work in the lab and absolutely LOVE what I do. I come home from work and still talk about the people and the work I have, but it is because every day is exciting to me. Like today, I did an experiment for the first time and I got REALLY excited about it. This is just a specific first for my project, definitely not the first time I took the water contact angle of something… But it is those small moments that you really make memories and start living.

But, this is the summer of FIRSTS. And I will recap what I have done in the last few weeks that reminded me I am in probably the best place ever (sorry east coast, but west coast is certainly the best coast…)

The last thing I remember sharing with you all was my fourth of July experience, where I crashed and hiked and missed fireworks.

After that, I have made paper flowers (which turned out pretty fantastic if I don’t say so myself) to decorate our office at work. My friends/coworkers and I did a lot of flowers to spruce up our very bland, windowless office, and made a special cacti area for the only guy in our room.


That week also brought about my first 12 hour day of the summer. I don’t know if that is something to rejoice in or not, but I beat that record yesterday (16 hours). However, yesterday I was able to do tests on a beam line at the Advanced Light Source (wiki it, it’s pretty great). and say I refuse to do an all nighter to my boss.

I also went to my first show in Berkeley at the Shotgun Players Theater and, man, they know how to treat a girl with a champagne ready just as you walk in. The show, Top Girls, was fantastic! Definitely different than previous shows I have seen but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Berkeley.


That Thursday, I finally went out and did a “grown up” thing and went to the after Dark Academy of Sciences! The rainforest was AWESOME, the music was mediocre, but the drinks were delicious. SO many people were there (I was impressed we picked the happening spot to go) as well as the exhibits on whales, colors and earthquakes were incredibly interesting (and I got to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge).


That weekend, I visited my uncle in Los Angeles, was sad to leave the Bay Area as I am in love with this place, but happy to have spent the weekend relaxing, running (yes I have been running, a first accomplishment where I ran outside!), art festivaling and cooking – A much needed weekend after a busy week.


Last week, the week was filled with last minute Grizzly Peak runs to catch the sunset, a date with Maggie (aka my Soul Mate) who I did not see for three weeks with dinner made by me, minions and ice cream, my first ever Indian Street food, and my first hula lesson. At the Oakland Musueum of California (open late on Friday nights), it was a Hawaiian themed night and we learned a very simple hula (but if you want me to teach you, let me know).

sfhulaoakland yosemite

Last weekend also brought about my first Napa experience, where I ate too much, drank just enough, and gaucked at the beautiful area around me. It was my first, so to speak, day-drinking experience, which I will not forget (what better first to have then in wine country?). I had a lot of new first foods, like sashimi and watermelon, lavender chocolate, trout salad, gluten free rosemary donut, and much, much more. If anyone has the chance to go to Taste of Napa, do it. So worth it.

msuic                              napawine cookoff

The food did not end there, I was lucky enough to spend my National Ice Cream day at the festival in SoMa where there were Ice Cream Trucks galore. Watermelon Mint and Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip (the Elvis) were my choices of popsicles.


This may seem like a lot or a little to some people. But I have stayed busy in the last few weeks while also doing a lot of work. Doing things you love makes life worth it. Don’t do things if you don’t want to do them just because you think you should. Have fire, passion under you, because it is contagious.

I have two weeks remaining the wonderful Bay Area. A few more blog posts to continue the journey. 8 weeks have gone by way too fast and three months have gone by even faster.

I hope you all enjoy my stories. Do something new today 🙂