Berkeley, thanks for the friendly reminder

As my final three days in lab come to an end, my time in East bay is almost over. Ten weeks flew by. I worked really hard. I explored even harder. And I’ve probably laughed the hardest with the people and memories I have made. This isn’t my last post about Berkeley, even for the summer, yet the last two weeks have reminded me of a lot:

Exploring the planetarium and watching a movie about moons reminding me that I must remember just how small the world is. If I remember that, perhaps my actions and work will impact more people.

As I had a Saturday mish mashed with my first ever headshots (of the beautiful Ukuladies, check them out), work, hiking at Inspiration Point, and making Ethiopian food, I was reminded to take each day one step at a time. The small things that make a day make you remember just how important they are.

The Berkeley kite festival, aka my first ever kite flying experience, reminded me to never lose the child inside me. Watching the kites just showed me with a little work and a gust of wind, we can fly. 

Long days at the lab when nothing goes right that Murphy’s law does do exist and is very prominent in the research field. Even when you think everything is going well, something will make it go terribly wrong. But be resilient. That’s another reminder 
Berkeley in general has consistently reminded me this: enjoy the little things in life, like food. Share a meal with person, make way too many cupcakes with others. These moment let you build friendships and memories you can’t replace.  


(I’ve eaten a lot, but that’s okay) 
California in general, has given me the pleasant reminder of just how beautiful this area is. Big Sur, the PCH and the 17 mile drive are magnificently beautiful areas. Seeing such places for the first time reminds me to protect this place and take a step back and just gaze at the beauty.  

Also, the last two weeks reminded me to laugh at myself, don’t take myself too seriously and be myself, because sometimes a cat hisses at you and the face gets captured very nicely.