How was Europe three Months ago?

So I got a little behind in posts. Before I start on my road trips as one of the last posts I make for the summer, I have to talk about my first time in Europe.
I had the pleasure of spending 10 days in Scandinavia for pure vacation (and I a tiny bit of networking). My friend Sarah and I went to Iceland for 5 days and then I ventured more to Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden. The trip was shorter than I wanted, but it surely was amazing.
Iceland brought my first geothermal hot spring experience, the first time driving and not being able to read street signs (which resulted into my first time breaking many many driving laws), the first glacier to ever see, the first midnight sun, and so much more. Iceland is a majestic place– we went from grasslands, to black rock beaches, to Mountain ranges, to lava fields, to a very scary desolate areas. The geography of Iceland is unique in which you can’t describe unless you go there. 
We were able to do the southern end of the ring road and going in May, it was the perfect time! We saw more than 5 different waterfalls, met awesome people (even one from PA), and learned a little Icelandic. The five days were perfect to explore Reykjavik and the southern part. The beauty and the respect nature gets out wins everything.
My next adventure was Copenhagen. Now an amateur mistake when traveling the European Union- you don’t need your passport stamped at every country. Not knowing this thought I entered the country illegally- which is never a good feeling. But thankfully the Danes are incredibly nice and explained this to me. I guess that’s what I get for traveling alone. 
Copenhagen brought me plenty of castles, bikes, fire stories, new friends, and a new culture. The city is beautiful- the European style I always imagined and the vibrant people were amazing. The traffic-all bike- was incredible to see. The mobility around the city and even Malmö was awesome! And with this city, I met people from Canada, UK, Australia, France, Finland, U.S., Denmark, holland, and more! These connections just remind me how small the world is. I’m grateful to have met all these people and share good conversation, food, drinks, and tours with the people. 
Something’s to remember: 

One thing I learned was the language barrier wasn’t very significant which made it easier than I thought
Starting a conversation with people is never a bad thing, you can meet some great people
The Scandinavian breakfast (rice cakes/bread/veggies/yogurt) is the bomb and now eat it all the time
Traveling with similar people makes the experience all the more rewarding. I am happy I had an amazing friend to share it with.
Traveling by yourself is never limiting. Because of it, I met many people, got lost in cities I may have never seen, and met some travel buddies I may have never met.
Reach out to people- I reached out to someone who won a similar scholarship as me and only met her once before as well as meeting someone from the university of Iceland through linked in. I learned about the energy policy and consumption of countries because of it and now have a connection abroad. 

It’s these experiences I won’t forget. Going with friends. Meeting new friends. Getting lost in places. It’s the only thing that has made me richer.
 Also shout out to my second time in Boston and having a true Bostonian showing us around. First German food and Boston pizza experience. 


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