Work hard, crash harder? 

Last week, I can say was not the most “exciting” week here in the Bay. I guess every week can’t be exciting right? But, disclaimer, I did it to myself. 

Last week I worked a lot. I mean a lot for 4 days. But I also got a lot done and I love what I’m doing. So 12 hours flies by when you’re doing what you love and with awesome people. 

The weekend made up for all the hard work. Especially since it was my only three day weekend. 

Friday, a group of us ventured out to Yosemite in search for the Sequioas!! Mariposa Groves (which just closed for restoration on Monday) had over 200 Sequioas. We explored through the groves, ate two and a half bags of chips because we were so hungry and got some sun! It was my first time seeing Sequioas and my first sunburn of the summer (sad it was on the third of July) 


On the fourth, even though I REALLY wanted to be home, I made the best of the day. A group of us went down to Monterey!!! And was it worth the trip!! The Monterey bay aquarium was gorgeous with tons of jelly fish, coast views, and the cutest otters. Apparently it is the best aquarium in the world, and I can see why (but they don’t have Dolphins…) 

After that, we had fresh fish for lunch and a cinnamon roll I can actually enjoy! We just searched around the city and laid on the beach. But here is where the crash of the week happened…
Saturday was the 6th day I woke up before or at 6 am. I worked 46 hours in 4 days. Sat in the car for 6 hours Friday. Drove for 2 hours Saturday. I was exhausted. And so was Sarah. And we therefore fell asleep laying on the beach for an hour! The crash hit hard. My first ever nap on the beach and I should have been exploring!! An adventurer’s worse nightmare! 
But regardless, the area was gorgeous. On the way home we stopped in the world capital of artichokes, castroville. And the world capital of garlic, Gilroy. Both of which we all enjoy.
We got a “little American” and got a hot dog to end the day and attempted to see fireworks. A first I wish I didn’t have to say: a fourth with no fireworks. The most I got was glo sticks and a fire cracker in the street. Slightly disappointing I have to say. But the fourth will never be the same when it’s not at home.  

The last first of the weekend after driving successfully with no traffic (shocking, I know!) in California was watching the woman’s World Cup! I never watched it before but hearing about it made me excited to watch. So to end this post, and to look back on the weekend, remember: GO USA 🇺🇸


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