Throwback Thursday: Berkeley for the First time (this summer) 

I only started this blog when I was a week into my time in Berkeley. But, to be honest, I was luck to have an amazing May leading up to my California summer. How my life got this interesting, please let me know because i have no clue. Regardless, I was lucky to start my summer break quite early and went on some amazing trips I would like to reflect and look back upon for the next few weeks.

My first stop was Berkeley. I was lucky enough to be invited to check out the graduate school at UC Berkeley and learn more about their engineering program. Leading up to it was not idea. I had two finals back to back days and was running on caffeine in my veins. It wasn’t the most ideal situation, but I had four days in beautiful California.

The trip was quick but with it I was able to do a lot. I met several professors in the engineering department at Berkeley as well as some graduate students. I learned about the program and I got a glimpse of the graduate school life. But in addition to the graduate life, I got to see some few highlights that made me very excited for the rest of the summer.

I first off got to see Berkeley once again, but was spoiled and stayed at the Berkeley Lab Guesthouse and man, did that get me excited for the view I would see every day. Seeing the Bay Area every day was something I was sure to not get sick of.

view from lav

I also met several of the people I would work with all summer for the first time. I had no idea what to expect but everyone was super welcoming and it made me that much more excited to get working!

Besides the busy schedule, I met some other people who are interested in the Berkeley grad school program. We explored the campus, went to Sather Tower, and had a tour of several places at the lab and campus. We even got to go see the Molecular Foundry (look it up) and saw the largest microscope (we nerded out).

labhuge microscopesather

We were also able to go on a Duck Tour throughout SF. I saw AT&T park, Coit Tower, Fisherman’s Wharf, Columbia St., China Town,        Ghirardelli Square, and so much more for the first time! All of it I kept note on to return to. But the city was gorgeous (please, anyone who hasn’t gone, go see SF).

wharfghiradelli squareatt

I also was able to meet my roommates for the summer. The house I am currently living in is beautiful and HUGE. As well as a gorgeous sunset from my window 🙂


This is just a quick throwback to April, the start of my summer. May led to some more adventures I will share later on.


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