Everyday brings something new here

This past week, I was LITERALLY able to do something new and exciting every day. It amazes me the amount of things there is to do here. The Bay Area is definitely a place to explore on its own, no need to venture too far away. I have found a lot of great things just in this area. It’s hard to believe I’ve been here for a month.

Monday: I was able to use my birthday present from the beautiful “parents” of mine and enjoy my first ever catamaran cruise. Most people say the best view of the bay is the north bay Merin Headlands but on the bay is where it’s at. It was gorgeous with the sun through the clouds. It’s through adventure cat, which I suggest to anyone and everyone! 


 Tuesday: my first ever Giants game!! I organized a lab group outing to go see the game. I was able to test my knowledge of baseball and teach a German and had world renown garlic fries.  


Wednesday: my housemates and I made Mead! Now it was not very exciting. We just threw everything together, but we will see how it turns out in a few weeks.  

Thursday: as a family dinner, the house made sushi!! I rarely even eat sushi so making it was a new adventure. But it was a lot of fun being a part of a team and I even made fruit sushi for dessert:) 
   Friday! So I switched this Friday up a little. I didn’t go dancing, but I ventured through mission district and had dessert for dinner at the amazing Tartine Bakery. The Bavarian cake and chocolate pudding was amazing. Then we ventured to city hall to attempt to see the kick off of the pride festival but we were too early. We decided to explore more of SF and found liquid nitrogen made-to-order ice cream, Smitten Ice Cream, and a burning man statue!  



Saturday! We ventured to the coast! Sarah and I went to Santa Cruz, saw the natural bridges state park, explored the wharf (had amazing hot dogs), and walked the boardwalk. It was beautiful there besides the clouds. Then we met up with her friends and explored Henry Cowell Redwoods Forest!!! We were actually able to go inside the trees. Fremont tree was so large we fit four people inside with plenty of room (and head space) to spare. I even did my first meditation in the woods 🙂  we ended the day with Tibetan food and my first room to room party! 


Sunday: after a long week, I treated myself to tasty French gourmet take out at Gregoire. After Sarah and I made meringues (strawberry with chocolate ganache and espresso with chocolate hazelnut ganache). They were a hit at our lab barbecue! Then we went to the BBQ and enjoy quality time with everyone in the lab. Had liquid margaritas (deliciously dangerous) and the first bonfire of the summer. 


It was a pretty fantastic week. I love the area I’m in so I can do this all and I love the people around me!



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