On Coordination and How I have none

This past weekend, I was able to put my coordination to the test on three things (two of which I have never done before)

1. Learnin   g how to Cha-Cha **NEW**

2. Playing Super Smash while slightly tipsy

3. Making sure I don’t do anything stupid in a very small sail boat **NEW**


These three events pretty much sum up my weekend.

The wonderful thing about living in the Bay Area is there is so much to do. Just by an easy surf on the web, I was able to find a food truck picnic (delicious BBQ), Jack London Square Dancing Under the Stars, the North Shore Art Festival in SF, and Cal Sailing Club Open House. This area provides entertain, fun, and for pretty great prices (free!).

The things new I tried included learning the Cha Cha. Dancing with random people, messing up and trying to continuously lead summed up my night. But by the end of it, I met random people who were fun to dance with, had an Asian man twirl me around and actually make me believe I can dance and had an awesome time with my dear friend Maggie 🙂 Meeting people and sort-of looking like a fool is what it takes to step out of your comfort zone. And I so glad I did, I am going again to FINALLY learn swing dancing (after my many attempts to get people to go).

The other new thing was sailing. Granted, I didn’t learn how to sail, but I did get on the boat. Water has always been that fearful “thing” for me. It can encompass me so quickly and there is so much unknown but isn’t that life (good metaphor, eh? 😉 ). Going on a boat that they kept saying had a very good chance of capsizing definitely put fear in me, but I did it anyways. And I now hope to go back and perhaps learn wind surfing too!

Some other new things I did last week: had my first flight of wine tasting (which lead to the super smash brothers), first food truck of the season, and my first ever Blue Bottle Coffee, NOLA (New Orleans, LA style). Incredibly delicious on all parts.


That was my weekend. More things new to come when I have me, myself and I (& my good old trust Jeep)


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